A Game Of Thornes: Deadlier than The Bachelor

Once we collectively agreed on the concept for our game we assigned key roles that would flesh out the our game. My individual role was to finalise the rules for the game as well as edit the final video for presenting.

Background Research

While a lot of different ideas were thrown out as to how the game would be played, a main source of inspiration was Sheriff of Nottingham as its process of accusations and intrigue was an experience we wished to replicate. The mechanics used in that game that we transferred over were the usage of the bags, the cards values and the Sheriff Character, the other mechanics came about by researching successful bluffing games. A big part of creating these types of games is making an incentive to lie by heavily rewarding if done well. This is where the rose cards come into play as them being the objective to win the game, are only guaranteed when a player sabotages another. However, in order to make sure that a player doesn’t sabotage without possible consequence, the process of the fourth stage is used.

Most social deduction games also have a period in which players close their eyes while others perform actions which was also implemented into our game becoming a core mechanic. The last implemented mechanic was the element of chance being a factor of winning. We initially struggled to come to a conclusion as to how the gift cards would play into the game other than being material to sabotage with. Again, taking inspiration from Sheriff of Nottingham we had card value numbers that would be added up each round to result in the highest number earning a rose card.

Game rules

Minimum 4 players maximum 8

Setup: Each player takes a character card along with a matching purse bag and given ten roses that last the entire game. The rose cards are hidden from the other players making it unknown how many they have to others. Each player is then delt five gift cards and five sabotage cards each round. A player will act as the Single Man for a round while the other players are contestants. The game is played in a series of rounds where each player will have a turn being the Single Man. 

Gift Cards

Box of Chocolates =1

Champagne Flute = 2

Makeup= 3

New Car= 4

Romantic Getaway= 5

Sabotage Cards

Poisoned Chocolates= 1

Broken Bottle= 2

Lipstick Taser= 3

Hit and Run= 4

Sulfuric Acid= 5

Stage 1: The game begins by all players except the Single Man putting gifts of their choosing in their purse. The gift cards can be any number of cards but must be only one type of gift. You also put one rose card with the gift cards

Stage 2: The Single Man decides who has their eyes open or closed during this stage. There must be a minimum of two players with their eyes open. These players can sabotage other players by secretly planting a sabotage card in another players purse and taking out the rose card for themselves. The Single Man must have their eyes closed during this stage as well. All players must remain silent during this stage.

Stage 3: All of the purses are then emptied whoever has a sabotage card in their bag has to give up a rose to the player with the highest added up value number on their gift cards.

Stage 4: A Democratic decision can then be made on who might be eliminated from the game if they are suspected of sabotaging another player. If all players agree, then the accused has to give each player a rose. If they don’t have enough roses they are eliminated from the game. If a player is suspected of having no roses, they can be accused during this stage to which they must unveil if they have rose cards or not. If the accused does posses rose cards then the person who accuses has to give that player five of their own roses. During this stage messages can be written to other players in order the gather intel, team up, or relay information to other players secretly.

End Stage: The winner is determined by either the first player to gain twenty roses or if there are two players left, The player with the most amount of sabotage cards.

Theme/ Narrative and player story

The game is set in a game show world similar to the show the Bachelor however with a more violent twist. As a female contestant you are competing for the affections of a male counterpart and will do anything to win him over. You will be encouraged to disrupt other players in a malicious fashion whether that be by poisoning a fellow player or committing an aggravated assault with your car. The decisions you make will dictate the narrative of the show.


Our brief sessions of playtesting made it clear that we needed to refine our rules, particularly with how they are communicated. Writing rules for new players without being able to sit their and explain the process through is very difficult and was without a doubt the most strenuous part of this assignment. Doing further research into this development it became clear that the primary objectives that need to be understood for new players are how they win the game, what do they do on their turn and how it ends. While these are easier to deliver in person, the communicating it in written form was updated to make them clearer and more overt to new players. With the problem on how to end the game we struggled to come to a conclusion that was escalating especially when the game reached only two players nullifying the main game mechanic. Upon further research into bluffing games the conclusion was made to provide two ways of ending the game that could facilitate any number of players while also continue to provide an incentive to lie.

To Conclude, I’m happy with how our teams prototype came together, given more time we could progress it further and really turn it into something special.

Team Member Blogs

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